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Winter Fest: The Twirlers


The Twirlers brings together guitarist Marcos Sastre & Ricky Leigton. They have spent years playing. writing ,producing and recording The Blues . 

Ricky Leigton : A veteran of groups such Blues Groups as Phil Blank and White Heat . He currently has held the guitar chair in the group Robin Lacy & DeZydeco for over a decade playing Blues, Southern Roots Music and Zydeco.

Marcos Sastre :Has produced , performed and been a studio guitarist for such groups Alice Hoskins , Keith Little ,the Goshorn Brothers, Leo Clark, Blues Merchants and many other Blues and a Rhythm and Blues groups. 

He won a Cammy Award for Album of the Year for the co-produced [with Larry Goshorn ] "Shades of Blue "

His group The Bluebirds been recording and performing for 22 Years. They were winners of the 2010 Cincy Blues Challenge .