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About the Cincy Blues Society / Contact

- About the Cincy Blues Society -

The Cincy Blues Society is a member-supported, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and advance the culture and tradition of Blues music as an original American art form. The Cincy Blues Society has been in existence since 1990. The Cincy Blues Society strives to fulfill its mission by encouraging and facilitating both performance and educational events and projects. Our focus is on "Keeping the Blues Alive!" To get the right person to ask questions of or send suggestions to, see the "Contact" section below.

2012-2014 Officers 

Dave Parker, President
Bob Hermann, Vice President
Dilip Tripathy, Treasurer
Peter A. Carcieri, Secretary



Board of Trustees (year term expires)

Chuck Brisbin (2016)
Mark Bubash (2016)
Peter A Carceri  (2016)
Jim Daniels (2015)
Bob Herrmann ( 2016))
Ricky Nye  (2016)
Dave Parker (2016)
Alison Petrik  (2016)
Dave Petrik (2015)
Tom Thiem (2015)

PUBLIC (Business) Meetings

Click here for info.


- Contact -

for both the FEST and SOCIETY is

PR Coordinator: pr @

This is a MEDIA CONTACT, not a public contact.  If you are a Society member or just someone wanting general info, please you the general info @ address or call the our blues info line at (513) 739-BLUE (2583).


Cincy Blues Fest

For general contact for Cincy Blues Fest
Festival Director:  Alison & Dave Petrik  director @

Other Festival Contacts:
Fest Volunteer Coordinator: volunteers @
Marketing Coordinator: marketing @


(DO NOT email any other address with booking info/requests!!!)

Fest Booking:  Paul Stumbo - booked for this year / no longer accepting booking requests for 2013.
Contact Paul at booking @ for 2015 Cincy Blues Fest consideration.


Cincy Blues Society

For contact with the Cincy Blues Society, please follow the instructions below...

We are an all-volunteer organization, so there is no central office or staff, but we make up for that with lots of heart and email! You can write to anyone listed below with questions and/or suggestions - we are happy to help! Or, call the general phone number and you may just get a real live person on the other end! Otherwise, leave us a message - we want to hear from you.

Cincy Blues Society

NEW Address:

Cincy Blues Society
1623 Dalton Avenue 141080
Cincinnati, OH 45250

(513) 739-BLUE (2583)
info @


President:  Dave Parker, president @

Vice President:  Tom Thiem, vice @

Treasurer:  Dilip Tripathy, treasurer @

Secretary:  Peter A. Carcieri, secretary @

Society Volunteer Coordinator: TBA, volunteers @

Membership Coordinator: Jim Daniels, membership @

Blues in the Schools Coordinator: Chuck Brisbin, bits @

Cincy Blues Weekly Update ( email ) Editors:  Alison Petrik, Dave Petrik  update @

We accept blues related articles, etc.

Band/Club Listings in the Blues Update (newsletter): Dale Bodmer, gigs @

Publication Deadline - third Tuesday of the month for publication the next month. Be sure to include the date, time, address and phone number of the venue you're playing at.

Local Artist/Venue Liaison:  TBA, avl @

Blues Challenge : Alison & Dave Petrik, challenge @

Winter Blues Fest: Mark Bubash, winter @


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